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NGSS in the Garden

17 Elementary Schools, All Grades, Year-Round

Outdoor garden classes for elementary school students are at the core of the Growing Healthy Kids program. In the 2023 – 2024 school year, Growing Healthy Kids will be teaching Garden Class in 17 of the 30 elementary schools in MDUSD. Garden class at these schools is taught to all grade levels, TK through 5. Students attend garden class once a week as part of their regular daytime schedule, and use hands-on activities and phenomenon driven learning to integrate science standards from their classroom in a real world environment.

The Growing Healthy Kids curriculum is designed to align with Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). NGSS is a series of K-12 science standards that teach students how to think like scientists. With NGSS, students learn cross cutting concepts, science and engineering practices, and core ideas that allow them to investigate the world around them through a scientific lens. Where better to practice these skills than outdoors, where the natural world's many wonders and cycles are on display?

Garden Class offered by Growing Healthy Kids is aligned to Common Core, NGSS, and California Health Standards, providing practical experiences that enhance student learning in and outside the classroom.

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