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Jennifer Parenti

Garden Educator

Pleasant Hill Elementary

Jenn is a parent of 3 MDUSD students and an educator with more than 20 years of service in public and private schools across the Bay Area. Jenn enjoys her time working in the garden to relax and engage in her own learning process of the science of the garden. In 2019, Jenn founded the Garden Classroom at Pleasant Hill Elementary when seeking to support the school as a volunteer planting with students and learned of this wonderful opportunity to teach science in the garden classroom. Together with the parent and teacher community at PHE, the Garden Education Classroom has become a part of weekly learning for all students.

When she is not learning and teaching in the garden classroom, Jenn is providing support to children with hearing loss, their caregivers, and professionals who support them. In addition to her role of Garden Educator at PHE, Jenn is a teacher of the deaf for MDUSD district-wide, and the Director of Development for the Baker Institute for Children with Hearing Loss at Stanford University.

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