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Nutrition Education

17 Elementary Schools, All Grades, Year-Round (Emphasis in Winter)

Tasting food grown from seed is one of the best ways to inspire a love of healthy eating! That's why every Growing Healthy Kids garden lesson includes a tasting. Each garden class, students sample a healthy, seasonal food. Usually, their tasting comes right from the garden. Students then decide what they like by voting: Did they "Love it", "Like it" or "Tried it"? No matter what they pick, their garden teacher will be proud they tried something new.

In the winter when it's cold and rainy, nutrition becomes the main focus of our daytime elementary school garden classes. For four weeks, students participate in a cooking and nutrition unit where they learn to balance meals using the food groups, and build cooking skills such as measuring, mixing, and chopping. Students look forward to tasting new recipes and get to eat delicious food they made themselves. Some favorite recipes include "Six Plant Part Wrap", "Winter Salsa" and "Apple Faces." Yum!

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