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Enjoli Batchan-Ha'apai

Garden Educator

Silverwood Elementary

Enjoli Batchan-Ha'apai, a Bay Area native, is an entrepreneur with a deep passion for gardening and outdoor activities. Alongside her loving husband and three children, she finds joy in cultivating a small garden and taking care of her cherished house plants.

Having worked as an educator, Enjoli firmly believes in empowering youth by imparting knowledge and skills, enabling them to reach their full potential. Her dedication to encouraging young minds led her to join the Growing Healthy Kids team, where she is excited to make a positive impact on the future generation.

Enjoli's unwavering commitment to the growth and well-being of children stems from her belief that they are the key to our collective future. With her genuine enthusiasm and expertise, she aims to inspire and equip young minds with the tools they need to thrive.

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